Club History

History of the Largs Bay Sailing Club

The LBSC commenced its 90th year in 2016.  The club was founded in 1926 as the "Largs Bay Dinghy Club" and was renamed as the "Largs Bay Sailing Club" in 1948.  Their have been many changes to our clubrooms and club members and officials that had made the club what it is today.

The following articles were contributed by some of our long-term club members and describe some of the personalities and events that have been part of the history of our sailing club.  These stories give an insight into the efforts of dedicated club members over past years and describe activities both on and off the water.

LBSC Start Boat, Largs 2 - "George Lisk II"
Ray Evans provided these recollections about Largs 2, our Start Boat, from 1990 to 2020 when she was destroyed by fire..
. . .  Read the history of Largs 2

Neil Cormack
Neil provides a report on the years from 1927 to World War II.
. . .  Read Neil's report

Doug Hogg
Doug shares his recollections of life and incidents at the LBSC.
. . .  Read Doug's memories

Peter Thompson
Peter offers his written account of our history from 1947 to 1977
. . .  Read Peter's article

Jan Welch - A woman's view
Jan Welch (nee Thompson) talks about women's roles as volunteers and sailors at LBSC
. . .  Read Jan's memories

Bob Pamment - Radio Operater and Bridge Master
This article describes his time as Radio Operator and Bridge Master at LBSC from the mid 60s through to the early 80s and highlights some of his experiences during this time.
. . .  Read Bob's experiences

Norm Butcher (1927 - 2014), a Life Member at Largs Bay SC
Read the story of Norm's experience as a sailor, coach and volunteer at Largs Bay.
Story supplied by the Butcher family; Jan, Anthony, Trevor and Karen (2014).
. . .  Read Norm Butcher's story

"The Mail" (Adelaide) - Article from the edition published on 18th April 1953
LBSC members assisted in the rescue of a drowning fisherman and two boys.
. . .  Read the story from the Mail

The Flag Mast at Largs Bay Sailing Club
Article provided by Richard & Heather Begg
. . .  Read Richard and Heather's article

"Fly Sharpie", A poem about sailing at Largs Bay (Anonymous)
Copy provided by Peter Thompson
. . .  Read the poem "Fly Sharpie"


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