Kite Sailing at Largs Bay

Kite Sailing Membership at LBSC

Join the club as a "Kite Sailing" member 
Persons participating in kite sailing activities hosted by the Sailing Club must register as a  "Kite Sailing" member of LBSC, which allows you to participate in kite sailing events hosted by LBSC and gives you full access to all the facilities and services available at the club.
"Kite Sailing" membership gives you a full year's membership at Largs Bay.

For more details about kite sailing at Largs Bay contact Sholto Forbes-Spyratos, Ph: 0401 866 956
or email:

  Register as a Kite Sailing Member of LBSC

Register for a single event "SailPass for Kite Sailing" 
Those persons wishing to participate on a one-event basis at LBSC must register through the "SailPass Kite Sailing" membership option, which provides personal accident insurance through the Australian Sailing membership scheme.
If you choose this option you will need to register every time you sail at Largs Bay.

  Register for SailPass - Kite Sailing (single-event) membership

RIDE Kitesurfing Programs

RIDE Kitesurfing has joined with Largs Bay Sailing Club to provide Beginners and Advanced kitesurfing programs at Largs beach.
Participants will have be able to utilise the facilities of the club during these programs.

For more details visit the RIDE Kitesurfing facebook page or the RIDE Kitesurfing website 
or call Matt Stringer, Ph: 0417 858 641



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