Red Ensign Trophy

Flinders Ports Regatta - "Red Ensign" Trophy

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Presented to the winner of the annual Flinders Ports Regatta conducted at LBSC and open to sailors from all clubs and classes.


The Australian Red Ensign

Why does Largs Bay Sailing Club fly the Red Ensign instead of the current Australian Flag?

The Australian Red Ensign arose from the 1901 Commonwealth Government Federal Flag Design Competition. From 1901 to 1954 the red ensign was used by state governments, private organisations and individuals.  The Flags Act 1953 lifted the restrictions on use of the Blue Ensign, which then became the Australian National flag used for official and other events.  The Shipping Registration Act of 1981 confirmed that the Red Ensign was the proper "colours" for Australian registered ships and decided that private boats could fly either the Red Ensign or the Australian National Flag. After that time flying of the red ensign became a rarity on land

Largs Bay Sailing Club had flown the Red Ensign since the club's foundation in 1926-1927 and therefore the club officers decided to continue as a tradition to use the Red Ensign as the club's official Australian flag.


Year Winner  (Skipper & Crew) Class of Boat Sail Num. Boat Name Club
2024 Anthony Turton Aust Sharpie 925 Under the Radar BSYC
2023 Stuart and Jack Emery Heron Class 8531 Back to the Future LBSC
2022 Jalina Thompson-Kambas
and Nathan Stockley
Intl Fireball 15011 Ballbreaker LBSC
2021 Matthew Carter
and Nicholas Neale
Intl Fireball 15101 Sunsets LBSC
2020 Matthew Carter
and Nicholas Neale
Intl. Fireball 15101 Sunsets LBSC
2019 Tom Gordon
and Jack Fletcher
Intl Fireball 15071 Cletus LBSC
2018 Regatta abandoned
due to light winds
Not awarded - - -
2017 Jalina Thompson-Kambas
and Jack Fletcher
Intl. Fireball 15011 Ballbreaker ASC
2016 Matthew Carter
and Matthew Neale
Intl. Fireball 15101 Sunsets LBSC
2015 Glen Emery
and Grant Edwards
Cherub Class 3148 Cunning
2014 Rob Gayle Sabre Class 1389 Piccolo BSYC
2013 Mark Soulsby Sabre Class 1856 Therapeutic ASC
2012 Matthew Carter
and Matthew Neale
Intl. Fireball 14811 Mini Mee LBSC
  New Trophy - January 2012        





















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