Membership - Annual Renewal and New Members

Membership renewal for season 2023/24 is now open.
Please read the instructions below before renewing or registering to join as a new member.

Current or Past Members renewing for season 2023/24

All members including Life Members must register each year and pay the prescribed fee to maintain their membership of LBSC.
Membership fees are due on the 1st July each year and must be payed no later than the 31st October of that year. 
Boats with unfinancial crew members will not be recorded in race results.
All financial members of the Largs Bay SC will be entitled to the benefits and privileges provided by Australian Sailing.

If you are not sure which membership type you want, please check the membership categories listed below under "New Members".

If you qualify for our "Family Membership" category
(More than 1 sailing adult & 1 youth member)
  (1)  Register yourself first under the category "Family Sailing - Adult 1 "
  (2)  Then renew or register your partner as "Family Sailing - Adult 2 "
  (3)  Then register each child (under 18) seperately as "Family Sailing -Youth ".

Sailors over 18 and under 23 years qualify for our "Transition Sailing Member" category and cannot not register as part of a family group, but should complete their renewal separately.

You will need to know your Australian Sailing membership number to renew.
If you don't remember your Australian Sailing Number check here:  Look up my AS Number
Enter your "First Name" and "Surname" then "Search" to view your AS number.

  Select "Renew my club membership" below to register for the 2023/24 season
Then enter your renewal details and pay online by credit card or print an invoice and then pay by bank transfer.

New Members wishing to join the LBSC for the first time.

Largs Bay Sailing Club welcomes new members to join our club for sailing and social activities.
Please check here for more information about membership and member services.
Just register using our on-line registration system and pay the prescribed fee to become a current member of LBSC; then your name and details will be recorded on the club membership database and you will have access to our club facilities and services.

New Members, must have two current LBSC voting members to be your proposer and seconder.  
Please ask a committee member or two senior sailing/voting members to be your proposer and seconder.

All financial members of the Largs Bay SC also become members of Australian Sailing (our National Body) and will have access to the services and privileges provided by Australian Sailing including personal accident insurance. 
Check the Australian sailing website for details.

Membership Categories available:

Please select the membership category that best meets your requirements to participate in club activities.

    Sailing Membership

  1. Senior Sailing Member ($395.00) - Persons over 18 with sailing and voting rights.
  2. Transition Sailing Member ($275.00) - Persons over 18 and under 23 with sailing and voting rights
  3. Youth Membership ($190.00) - Persons under 18 with sailing rights.
  4. Family Membership ($585.00) - A family group residing at the same address; may comprise up to two senior sailors plus any number of youth sailors under 18 years.
    Read our Handbook to assist New Junior Family Sailing Members
  5. Kite Sailing Membership ($100.00) - Persons who wish to participate in all kite sailing events hosted by LBSC

    Non - Sailing Membership

  1. Senior Non-Sailing Member ($198.00) - Persons over 18 with voting right, but no sailing rights.
  2. Community Social Member ($60.00) - Persons of any age with no sailing nor voting rights.
  3. Squash Team Member ($100.00) - A persons who is a member of a squash team competing in Squash SA sanctioned competitions and has no sailing nor voting rights.

  Select "Join the Largs Bay SC" below to register as a New Member of our sailing club.
Just enter your registration details and pay online by credit card or print an invoice and then pay by bank transfer.


If you don't have access to register online.

If you don't have access to a computer or a mobile phone to register online or you don't feel comfortable using the online option, just print a membership form and fill out your full details; then send the form and pay your fees by credit card or by bank transfer. 
You may also present your completed membership form at the club bar and pay with your credit card.

  View and print a 2023/2024 Membership Renewal/Application Form

Terms and Conditions of Membership of Largs Bay SC and Australian Sailing
Click above to read the terms and conditions that shall apply to you as a members of the LBSC.


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